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I want to attend the PCB West 2024 conference and trade show. This year’s agenda focuses on design and manufacture of electronics, which is very relevant to my job right now.

There are industry practices that may have been best-in-class two years ago but are no longer the best today. By attending PCB West, I can get feedback not just presenters but from the people I meet at the show on how to get up to date and tackle real problems we see. I will be able to design faster and cheaper, while keeping the quality the same, or better. The cost of attending will be paid back almost immediately in terms of the efficiencies I will be able to implement afterward.

Unlike many conferences, PCB West focuses on in-depth training, as most presentations are at least two hours. It includes some of the leading experts on signal integrity and noise control, PCB layout, and manufacturing. Presentations will cover all sorts of new possibilities in design and manufacturing such as additive manufacturing, new substrate material choices, routing of DDR memory, and component selection, which is highly relevant given the current supply chain conditions.

Because the PCEA is an industry leading organization where the best design engineers in the country meet up, this is a chance to gain access to that knowledge. There is a real cost to “doing nothing” in terms of our company’s ability to stay on top.

I should note that several key suppliers will be exhibiting at the trade show as well, which will help us get up to date on technology and manufacturing changes.

By attending the technical conference, I will earn up to 28 hours of professional education credits, which will satisfy our <corporate/professional certification/ISO> requirements. Attending also is helpful for morale, in that employees feel valued and invested in and can grow within the company.

The cost to attend the four-day conference will be the registration fee of $1695, plus travel expenses, hotel, and a meal per diem. This will be a great learning opportunity that will benefit not just me but our whole company.

I am confident you will see this as a worthwhile investment that will pay off for years to come.


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