Exhibitor Checklist:

Important Item:

2018 Deadline:

Reserve ad space for the digital conference catalog

 March 5

Submit final ad for the digital conference catalog

March 12

Reserve ad space for the printed show guide

July 9

Submit final ad for the printed show guide

July 20

Submit your official printed show guide listing online in eBooth   

July 20

Register for your exhibitor badges

August 13

Deadline for discount hotel rates at headquarters hotel

August 20

TriCord deadline to order additional services

August 24

TriCord advanced shipment deadline

September 7

TriCord direct to show site shipment deadline  

September 11

8:00am - 4:30 pm only

Attention Exhibitors: Beware of emails from companies (@globalexpoz.com) or individuals claiming to have access to our database, attendee list, or trying to sell you a PCB WEST-related product. If you receive an email from an unknown address,  please contact our Director of Group Shows, Alyson Corey acorey@upmediagroup.com to confirm that it is legitimate. 

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