Reserve your space in the show guide by July 9!

Show Guide Ads due – July 20

$895 full page, four-color (Includes your logo next to your show guide listing)

Please submit all ads and logos to Frances Stewart,

View the 2018 Show Guide here.


Ad Size



Full page

8 x 10 7⁄8 (203x276 mm)

8 1⁄4 x 11 1⁄8 (210x283 mm)


Accepted File Types

  • Press-ready PDFs complete with crop marks and 1/8 inch bleeds, as well as a JPG or TIFF proof.
  • Full-page ads only, CMYK.


  • Build pages to trim and extend bleed 1⁄8 inch beyond page edge. Please include crop marks in final PDF.
  • Copy and logos should not be placed with 1/4" of trim/crop line on each side of ad.
  • Placed art must be EPS or TIFF formats only and must be placed at 100% size.
  • TIFF images must be at least 300 dpi.
  • All art must be in CMYK mode. Ads with Pantone or spot colors will be rejected.
  • Avoid rotation and cropping of images in layout program.
  • Images nested in an EPS file MUST be included with collected files.
  • Use PostScript Type 1 fonts only.
  • Menu-styled, Multiple Master and TrueType fonts are not accepted.

Required Files

All screen and printer fonts, including those that are embedded. All image/art files, including those that are nested or embedded. 


All show guide advertisers will have their company logo included with their show guide listing. Send the logo in .EPS full color format to Frances Stewart,  by JULY 20TH.

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