All meeting rooms, hospitality suites and off-site networking events [scheduled for any time Monday, September 10 – Thursday, September 13] MUST BE APPROVED in advance through Show Management.

Exhibitors who desire to conduct off-site or on-site networking events MAY NOT hold such events during official program hours without the written consent of Show Management. Violators of this rule may be subjected to strict penalties, including but not limited to removal from show floor and liability for estimated damages suffered by PCB West as a result from such activity. 

Functions that will require approval include, but are not limited to: luncheons, breakfasts, hospitality suites, social events, parties, large meetings or any event that takes place during official program hours.

Both the headquarters hotel and the convention center are required to alert show management to any requests for space during the week of PCB West 2018.


To submit a request, please email Alyson Corey, Director of Group Shows, at acorey@upmediagroup.com

Please include the following information:

  • Booth Number
  • Company Name
  • Date requested for meeting/event
  • Type of meeting/event
  • Number of invited guests
  • Location of meeting/event

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